Portrait of Monte Trumbull - Copyright 2021 Jim Talaric

I have always had a passion for the outdoors. Growing up, I spent most of my time outside, much of it with a fly rod in my hand. My fishing took me to peaceful lakes and ponds, gentle streams, and roaring rivers in a variety of beautiful locations. Over the years, I came to realize that what I loved most about fishing was the connection with nature that it provided. I started carrying a camera with me to capture the beauty that surrounded me so I could share it with others. One thing led to another and soon I found myself devoting most of my time to photography.

I love immersing myself in nature’s beauty and capturing special moments for others to witness through my images. There is nothing like watching the sun rise or set on the most beautiful places Mother Nature has to offer. I strive to create images that allow the viewer to feel as if they were there to share the moment with me. My compositions are carefully thought out to make them more than just a snapshot. The photographs draw the viewer into the image and give them reason to explore.

I am a perfectionist to the point that I prefer to have full control over my photography from the moment the shutter is pressed to the final printed image. In earlier days, I would develop and print my own slides and negatives in my darkroom. Now my processing is done on the computer which affords me the tools to accurately convey the true feeling and atmosphere of the moment of capture. I print my photographs on one of two large format printers in my studio which gives me the ability to create the perfect print. By also cutting my own mats and building my own frames I am able to totally control the process from beginning to end.

After a 28-year career with a company in Iowa that ended in the technology field, my wife and I moved to Colorado in 2006 so I could pursue my love of nature and photography. Home base is outside of the small town of Buena Vista in the middle of the state. My home sits on the side of the Continental Divide with a view down the Arkansas River valley flanked by the towering 14,000 foot mountains of the Collegiate Peaks range. Needless to say, there is no shortage of daily inspiration in my neck of the woods!

Monte Edward Trumbull

Monte Trumbull passed away unexpectedly on Friday February 24th, 2023. We leave this page up to memorialize all the work that he has done over the years for others to enjoy.Thank you for visiting and enjoying his passion.