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If you managed to find my blog from my website Monte Trumbull Photography, you probably realize that it has changed. For those that have been there before, it looks pretty much the same. In the background though, it is an entirely a different animal.

I desperately need to update my galleries with some new images, and before I started on that, I wanted to change them to be a little more “web friendly” (no flash needed). One thing led to the other and I decided to change everything. For those of you photographers out there, this website was created entirely in Lightroom using TTG Pages. The galleries were created with TTG Highslide Pro and the nested gallery indexes were done with TTG Auto Index. I have to say I am really impressed with the the Turning Gate (TTG) stuff. Check them out at: The Turning Gate.

Have a look around my site and let me know what you think!

4 thoughts on “Totally updated website”

  1. Hey Monte – congrats on the new site! It’s looking great, and I’m glad to start seeing some of your more recent work. Your efforts are an inspiration to me; keep up the good work!

  2. Hi Monte,
    Found your site via the Turning Gate forum, and like it a lot! Especially the blog, very nicely integrated. And I have to admit I’m curious to know how you did that integration!

    Regards from the south of the UK


    1. Thanks Harald. My blog is a WordPress site running on my Dreamhost hosted site. I used a free template called Arjuna X which is really clean. I edited the CSS then to get the colors to match and had to change the jpg for the header so the color matched there as well. The menu was created using a plugin called “Page Links To”.


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