Sunset over the Pier-Road Bay in Anguilla

The setting sun glows on the horizon off the end of a pier in Road Bay, Anguilla.
The setting sun glows on the horizon off the end of a pier in Road Bay, Anguilla.

I only went out shooting at sunset a couple of times on my last trip to Anguilla since I would generally reserve that time to have a relaxing dinner with my folks. We were going to Roy’s Bayside Grill on Road Bay this evening, so I decided to take my gear and walk down the beach just as the sun was setting. The bay was particularly peaceful with very little activity so I decided to set up on the pier and frame the sun right in the center. After taking a few test shots and playing with the composition a bit, I was all set. There were a fair amount of clouds to the west but the sun would break through occasionally as it descended towards the horizon. I was busy snapping away as sunset neared and just then, out of the corner of my eye, I caught a boat weaving its way through the others anchored in the bay. It came screaming towards the pier and swung around only to park right in front of me. I couldn’t believe it! I figured that was the end of shooting with sunset only a few minutes away. They tied their lines up and a few people got off. I assumed they would stay tied up there, but next thing you know they were off and sped away. I looked back at my sequence of shots and noticed they were only there for three minutes! I took this shot just as they got of of sight and the sun just reached the horizon. So much for a peaceful sunset!

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