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I started working on updating my website last August, but one thing after another kept me away from really focusing on getting it done.  At one point I worked on moving it to a paid hosting site (in fact I switched for a couple of hours!), only to find what I should have known from the beginning – I don’t like giving up control! Well after many hours at the computer, I can say it is done.

I have gone with a darker theme this time. It seems to really set the images off. I made numerous changes to the structure and pages. Here are a few of the highlights:

  • The site should now display nicely on all sizes of screens and devices.
  • Implemented security for the entire site (notice the padlock in your address bar).
  • Added collections of my favorite and most popular images on the home page.
  • Restructured the galleries so they can now be viewed by category, general location, season, and aspect ratio.
  • Changed the large image view. Images can be viewed larger so you can see more detail and there are more sharing options available.
  • Added shipping charges to the shopping cart.
  • The shopping cart now works on all devices!

On the technical side, the site was created once again using templates from The Turning Gate. I am really impressed with their products and support. They offer a great solution for photographers wanting to create their own website.

Please, have a look around and let me know what you think!

2 thoughts on “New Website Update”

  1. Nice work, Monte! The new site looks and works great. And your photography is superb. Congrats and best of luck for much [continued] success! Cheerio from England, Nat

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