Delicate Autumn Dawning-Sunrise on Mount Sopris

Mount Sopris catches the first light of dawn through a veil of high clouds that create a peaceful feeling over the autumn scene outside of Carbondale, Colorado.

Everyone was looking forward to a banner year for fall colors last year with all the moisture we had received throughout the year, but it ended up being kind of a disappointment. The aspen trees were so healthy that they just didn’t want to start turning when then temps got lower. Many of the leaves […]

Frenzied Dawning-Sunrise in Kauai

The sunrise this morning was simply breathtaking. The sun slowly slid above the horizon shining soft orange light across the sky as it climbed behind a bank of clouds. The waves crashed on the shoreline and created small waterfalls as it slid back out to sea. Truly an idyllic scene. It looks so peaceful now, […]