Sunrise Show at Merrywing Bay-New Images from Anguilla

The clouds take on an orange glow as the sun rises above the horizon at Merrywing Bay in Anguilla, BWI.
The clouds take on an orange glow as the sun rises above the horizon at Merrywing Bay in Anguilla, BWI.

Since I am leaving soon for a trip back to the island of Anguilla in the Caribbean, I thought I should get last years images processed. I finished the grueling task of adding a title and caption to every image this morning and have added them to the Recent gallery on my website. What a great year I had on the trip last year. I had many dramatic sunrises and sunsets. The seas were way to rough to get any underwater shots, but hopefully this year will be better. Going through the images made me really miss the Caribbean. Luckily I will be there soon!

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  1. Statistics on a number of my youtube videos show a high percentage of hits from the island of Anguilla. I had never heard of Anguilla and so, I searched with Startpage and found your lovely photograph. Wikipedia says they have no natural resources except fish and lobsters and that the primary industry is tourism. I wonder, are there native islanders who still live as fishermen? What is the native language and did you discern, in your travels there, a Christian witness or hunger for the Gospel of our LORD Jesus Christ? Thank you for allowing me to pose these questions to you. Kathleen Vick

    1. Hi Kathleen. Thanks for the comment and looking through my images. Anguilla is a small island that is still rather low key. Tourism is a major part of their economy, but it hasn’t severely changed the locals lifestyle. A large number are still make a living fishing. One of the highlights of visiting there is enjoying their fresh catch! Anguilla is a British territory, so English is spoken everywhere (although with an island accent). The island has a lot of churches and religion is a major part of their lives. They love music and I am sure they are pleased with finding your work online.


      1. Monte, Thanks so much for the very courteous reply. I went to your own website and saw the incredible pictures you posted of the little church on Anguilla. I especially love the inside/outside view of the colorful door. I’m writing new music now. One of my new songs is on Psalm 19:1 – “The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth forth His handywork.” Would you ever consider (I’m being very forward in asking this of you) giving me permission to use the Merrywing Bay photo in my music video? I would credit you, of course, and give you an opportunity to see the movie before I post it. Although I am not selling anything, I suspect that you must be very careful about license and use agreements. Well, at least, I asked. It occurred to me that whoever is watching on the island of Anguilla would be very surprised, and perhaps, pleased to see a photo of a familiar place in their own country. Ah, it’s a dream I am dreaming. Whatever your answer, I thank you again for the lovely images that have inspired me so much.

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